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Jase was born in Houston, TX  in the fall of 1980.  As a young boy he displayed a love of music and would continually pick up guitars and sit at pianos and make "noise".  When he was approaching his 13th birthday his parents asked him if he would learn how to play guitar, if they bought him one.  On the morning of his 13th birthday, he would find a guitar case sitting on the top bunk of his bunk beds.  This is the moment Jase knew that he would never forget and that music would always remind him of.  The rest as they say. . . is his(story).

He would spend the next years developing what is now his signature guitar sound.  Wanting to follow the steps of his guitar hero(s), Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, and Santana, he would spend countless hours honing his skills in front of the mirror and playing to an audience of one.  All he knew was that he wanted to play music the rest of his life.

His first experience with recording came when his grandma bought him a Sony tape recorder that he would then use to start creating songs and playing over, what seemed like an endless 3 or 4-chord progressions.  It was during the Fall of 2000 that he would meet someone that would become one of the greatest friends and music collaborators of his life, Jay Smith. (

In 2000 he teamed up with Jay Smith to begin working on Jay's debut album in Atlanta, Georgia.  His time in Atlanta would forever alter the way he approached music. He gained a perspective that he knew existed but could never put a name to.  Witnessing Shannon Houchins produce music in a real recording studio opened his eyes and ears to a world he'd only seen on the MTV.  He would traveled for more than 2 years back and forth between Houston and Atlanta working on Jay's album and learning whatever he could and would bring that same hunger back with him to Houston.  It was during this time that Jase learned his first lesson of the Music Industry. Things do not always workout, like we are so assuredly certain they would.  The album would be shelved and never release, due to the record label folding.  This would not stop Jase from  pursuing his passion of music.  Personal issues would pull Jay and Jase apart for some time, but never too far removed.

Along his ever-going journey, he would also become a student of a local Houston Producer and Songwriter, Jacob "BDI" Abshire, of the rap group, NukRuk.  BDI would teach him anything he was willing to learn and would eventually become somewhat of a Mentor to Jase.   

Fast forward to the Spring of 2011, Jay Smith wrote a song some years back that would happen to end up as the single for the 2011, American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery.  This event would not only change Jay's life but spark back up a working relationship that would lead them to where they are now.  February of 2014, Jase would found Almighty In Tunes, Inc., a music production and publishing company.  Jase and Jay's first major collab would be a song entitled, "Your Will", that would usher in a the beginning of setting The New Standard in The Music Industry.

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