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Yahweh Collective is a group of individual artists and musicians who have come together to create music that reflects God's holiness and redemptive power through every chord, every note, and every word. Their music covers a multitude of genres: Hip/hop, R&B, Soul, Folk, Funk, Reggae, and Gospel.

“Our goal is to reach the people in a very real and tangible way, meeting people where they are, providing them Hope and Truth through our music.”

1. Prayin Ova Problems – P.O.P. 
• P.O.P. is a 37 year old Texas native born and raised in the 5th Ward of Houston. He is known for his role in spearheading a movement on the East Side of Houston that brings together artists from every neighborhood and ethnicity to find a common ground in music and Houston pride. His past of living the 'street life', he now uses as a testimony through his music. P.O.P.'s musical abilities consists of rapping & writing. 
2. Keeso 'Tha Great' 
• Tha Great is a 28 year old Texas native born and raised in the southwest side of Houston. Having a history of run-ins with the law, Tha Great turned his life around and surrendered himself to God. He now works a full-time job and is passionate about ministry. Tha Great is known for his abilities in rapping & writing and also producing music of his own. 
3. Marshall Camp
• Marshall Camp is a 24 year old Tennessean born and raised on the outskirts of Nashville, TN. At 17 years old he surrendered his heart to Jesus and turned away from a rebellious life, eventually moving to Houston in 2013 and getting heavily involved with Houston's homeless population and the inner city. Marshall is always seen with a guitar in his hand. He is a singer/songwriter, rapper, producer, and musical engineer.

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