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Born and raised in London, England now living and working in Houston, Texas. Calvin is a former Nightclub DJ and producer who had been called away from The Ministry of Sound nightclub and is now equipped with a full service private studio to record, mix and master creative musical art from various genres, styles, and production approaches on 5 different continents,12 different countries globally.  He is CEO of ToneCrafters, a Billboard chart mixing engineer and a Mastered For iTunes mastering engineer for Coffey Anderson, God Over Money, and Flow Master Records and more.

"I would like to say the I specialize in hip hop, soul, reggae, but I get a lot of folk, country, gospel and rock.  In all honesty, I love music so much, It doesn't take much for me to get into anything."

"My approach to music is like food.  Good food is like what my mum makes...Im not into that fast food nonsense..."its a trap!"  Spiritually, the concept is similar, Deuteronomy 8:3."

Calvin's production approach seems too simple..."extract whatever is in your mind and serve!"  Calvin's ability to bring out the best of new and established artist makes him the fastest growing industry producer/engineers.  So, if you got something good going let him know, he is really big into collaboration...let's get cooking!

To learn more about Calvin’s work visit or check out his Spotify playlist here or Apple playlist here.

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