That Guy You Avoid In EVERY Party


If you are new to these blogs, my name is Calvin FOOD Venus, Im a producer, engineer, studio manager and CEO of ToneCrafters and everything you see is literally a dream to me. Welcome all.

Consider this a little pit stop from the content we’ve been putting out recently. Rest is good right?! Well thats what I keep telling myself…a self-confessed workaholic, who endeavors work heartedly, to be more efficient so I can love my wife and kids well. I find it very easy to wear multiple hats and I’m happiest serving quietly in the background. I love to network, love to wax lyrical about the amazing artists, musicians, producers and staff on the label, however, I hate talking about myself.


Having tried to blog on my own website (which needs updating) I discovered that it so much easier to talk about other people, than myself….and this is why the title of the blog is “That Guy You Avoid In EVERY Party”. I’m extremely passionate about not being the guy you try to avoid at every party. You know the one that always seems to always talk about themself at any moment…yeah, you know who i’m talking about…that guy.

Blogging is kinda new to me. Im one of hosts of UKCHH podcast and Im not much of a writer or public speaker. Im a proud South Londoner, but I hardly speak the Queen’s English so forgive me for the typos bad grammar and ramblings about the amazing Speez, Messa Montana, Chans Thomas, Live Out Loud band and more. Their incredible work inspires me to bring up my game, release more dope music, videos and content for you to enjoy.


Oh and before I forget, I have to big you up for the global support we are getting...truly humbling! We just released three EPs within the last few weeks and you are really appreciating the diversity, dedication to quality music and lyrics.

…and we have more bullets in the chamber for THIS MONTH!

There is a lot more coming out so I highly recommend following our ToneCrafters Soundtrack playlist on Spotify or Apple and/or subscribing to our blogs/emails to keep up. Our passion is to edify through music and build a soundtrack to your life.

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Thank you for supporting us at the shows, stopping us on the street and all your social media activity. Its amazing to me that you get us and what we are doing. I still find it weird that you even want to read this to be honest. This is all a dream and the ride is pretty wild, at least we get to experience all this together with you.

We are called by the Creator to create for our community. Keep us in prayer!

Aiight, Im out


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