We chopped it up with Stil Shadey about his new release Croydon Baby. This begins the introduction of Still Shadey’s biography on his face profile, the emcee whose style is influenced by Stormzy, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin has a big vision. …I’m here to change the World. I’m gonna do that with this voice of mine. This is God’s plan. Forget the fame, forget the wage, I’m here to free the mind from chains…

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We catch up with the prolific rapper S.O. Seun Otukpe in full, a Christian hip hop musician, based in Texas, who moved to London from Nigeria at 9 years old. He has released over 4 albums and gained notice in CHH as a forerunner and maverick.

He speaks on leaving a legacy behind him, on his inspiration behind his latest body of work ‘Augustine’s Legacy’.

…can we be mindful as Christian specifically…

He expressed how time is something that he’s always thinking about. Honing in on the sense that he’s not going to be here forever. He aims his music to impact the listener to think about time and legacy.

We talk about the Controversial track release by S.O. “White Jesus”.

Is Christianity a white man’s religion?

Can a black person really relate to Christianity, as major sections portray a white Jesus front?

We chop it up.

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We discuss if the compiling of the CHH list was effective to move the genre forward. Do we need it or was it an unnecessary move? There are many factors that go into personal lists, from record sold to influence and recognition, is this a healthy topic for our genre which can be prone to easy offence?

Christian Rap on the BBC to Flame taking on Katy Perry in a lawsuit in music copyright, the genre is really taking shape in the national press, at times not always in a good light, but seen none the less.

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In this episode we load we explore the reasons why it would be beneficial to collaborate more with each other in CHH, there is a sense of exclusivism that is now inherent in our community. How can we bridge the gap and build on the very fundamentals of our faith in the genre and community we enjoy?

We tackle how we can be more motivational to our church’s venues where we gather to embrace CHH. Is it that simple to motivate or do we need to do more?

We also chop up some tips for mixing your music, whether it’s you or someone else, we discussed some important pointers and factors.

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We are at Episode 14 and we go straight into a big one…

Gospel artist Le’Andria Johnson caught in a precarious situation on video, smoking, drinking, and cussing. How do we as Christians discern between talent and anointing?

Have we been conditioned to see anointing in a certain way, by people raising their hands or falling over, which at most times seems ingenuine and legalistic?

Are Christians being silenced because we are labelled ‘judgy’?

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We discuss Trackstarz interview with Lecrae and the decisions he has made in the past. The struggle against fame and recognition. At times CHH requires total transparency from artists into the core recesses of their lives, which at times may not be required or warranted, however, the demand remains for absolute transparency on social media as we discuss Datin, J Givens.

Can the constant battle in CHH eventually sour and dampen the mood and desire for growth in CHH?

Are people abusing the power of social media?

Will we ever find a resolution to Christian Rapper and Rapper who is a Christian. Being a very young genre in comparison to others.

CHH Artist at times can treat it too serious and not serious enough!

– Calvin Venus

Do people see CHH as a vehicle or a culture?

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#UKCHH Podcast EP12 - CHH Crowd Pullers, Record Levels VIP Pass & S.O.

Who has that grip on the #UKCHH scene? Who could bring out droves of people to their paying shows? This happens to be a very pressing issue for the future of this scene, as without the capital to produce these shows and the customers to attend the growth will be laboured and tiresome. Reach records artist seem to have found a way to get their shows heard in the UK. So the questions really are: how do we build?

We talk about S.O. new track ‘Be Mine’ discuss the versatility of the rapper in contrast from ‘The Fall’ to ‘Be Mine’ shows how he is developing his craft.

Would you pay VIP tickets on a CHH artist? Have you paid for VIP tickets what was your experience?

We discuss Music Labels and their importance to the industry.

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Messa Explains The Animal Within [VIDEO]

We are now at Track #5 and we are almost through our "Making Of..” series giving fans a unique insight to Messa Montana’s song “Animal” of the “Be Kind, Rewind EP Vol. 1”. A unique insight to the darkness, the temptations, and the reason for the hope for Christ..and they know you by your fruit, by your dependance in Him. Very encouraging in a genre which steers very close the glorification of prideful thoughts, even in Christian Hip Hop.

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#UKCHH Podcast EP11 - Have the veterans of CHH failed to help the new?

New podcast out now on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube and we are well into the double digit episodes! In show #11 we discuss DJ's and how important they are to the music game. Is the art of the DJ fading away, will they be around in 5 years? How much should we respect Dj's in today's culture? We also discuss "Have the veterans of CHH failed to help the new?" Could the effect and influence of the older generation be more intentional. Or is it horses for courses?

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Rewinded and Reviewed by Reformed Bars

Salute to all the independents out there! We are an independent label sharing in that Holy Spirited balance of faith and hustle. Life as an independent artist, producer, engineer entreprenuer, Mom-preneur, writer, musician, student, teacher or missionary can be a lonely venture, we get you all! It can be like jumping out of a plane into the middle of the desert heading to an oasis somewhere, meandering the dunes, enduring the elements and acknowledging that the biggest enemy is ourself. Doubting the gift, the fear of getting lost, the lack of faith in the Creator, we get you. Our hope is that with everything you watch, hear and read is a chronicle of the test of our faith, the soundtrack to yours. We hope it edifies. Messa Montana’s EP just got reviewed by Carlos Newton of Reformed Bars. Watch it here.

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Blind Beatsmith Adds Color to ToneCrafters

In a world where digital music creation is the norm, having a computer screen for visual representation of the process is essential. Not for Christian Alexander, our new member of the ToneCrafters family is an anomaly, he is blind.

Discover more about ToneCrafters latest addition to the ToneCrafters Production Menu in today’s blog now.

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Freely Give This Season

I just came back from a much needed short family break, its great to pour yourself into your others and give them you! This experience really got us thinking. With the 2019 lent season upon us we would like to do something truly unique during the same period. The ToneCrafters label believe that we are called by the Creator to create for the community, that responsibility is a big deal for us, so in today’s blog we are giving away free music. These songs are currently available on all platforms, so they are still of value, however, we are freely giving away the songs below to inspire you to give away a piece of yourself to whomever you want with no strings attached! Sound like a good idea?

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Episode #10 and this one is special. We interview UK Christian rapper ICIE in a special in depth interview about his brand new album Moment of Clarity. We discuss each song and what was his thoughts behind it. We’ve dug into the finer details to understand the man behind the music. To be a father, husband, and rapper, how does one balance?

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Let Messa Be Messa [VIDEO]

We now at track four in the short “Making Of…” series. Messa continues as he talks about a fan favorite "Let Me Be Me" of the recently released EP "Be Kind, Rewind Vol.1”. Check out the vlog now.

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Calvin Venus
That Guy You Avoid In EVERY Party

If you are new to these blogs, my name is Calvin FOOD Venus, Im a producer, engineer, studio manager and CEO of ToneCrafters and everything you see is literally a dream to me. Welcome all.

Consider this a little pit stop from the content we’ve been putting out recently. Rest is good right?! Well thats what I keep telling myself…a self-confessed workaholic, who endeavors work heartedly, to be more efficient so I can love my wife and kids well. I find it very easy to wear multiple hats and I’m happiest serving quietly in the background. I love to network, love to wax lyrical about the amazing artists, musicians, producers and staff on the label, however, I hate talking about myself.

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Calvin VenusComment
Living out Loudly - Introducing THE BAND

We are very very blessed here at ToneCrafters, dope artists, songwriters, producers, the engineer is ok lol (ahem that’s me) and the musicians. Today the spotlight is on Live Out Loud Band. A six piece band, working pros who have working with notable artists such as Tobe Nwigwe, Oshun, Kurk Whalum, Marvin Sapp, Kyle Turner, Solange Knowles, Mario, Willie D, Jim Gilstrap, Shawn Macklemore, Scarface and now our very own Chans Thomas

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Chans Overflows

Check out Episode #2 of The Re:Fill Podcast with the host Anthony B Mitchell who connects with singer Darris Sneed about his album Lost & Found, our soul star Chans Thomas and more! Plus they invited music tastemaker Derrick Tchie from Gospel Hydration to share 2 songs you need to hear! All that and more on the Re:Fill Podcast. Your Christian music journey starts here.

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