Rewinded and Reviewed by Reformed Bars

Salute to all the independents out there! We are an independent label sharing in that Holy Spirited balance of faith and hustle. Life as an independent artist, producer, engineer entreprenuer, Mom-preneur, writer, musician, student, teacher or missionary can be a lonely venture, we get you all! It can be like jumping out of a plane into the middle of the desert heading to an oasis somewhere, meandering the dunes, enduring the elements and acknowledging that the biggest enemy is ourself. Doubting the gift, the fear of getting lost, the lack of faith in the Creator, we get you. Our hope is that with everything you watch, hear and read is a chronicle of the test of our faith, the soundtrack to yours. We hope it edifies.

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A few moments ago we stumbled onto a review of Messa Montana’s debut project “Be Kind, Rewind Vol.1.”. By Carlos Newton from Reformed Bars, I really don’t want to say much about it only that we appreciate EVERY feedback, good, bad and ugly…lol…so far its all good…question is, do you relate?

This is what you get when you mix, Neo-Soul, Hop Hop, and Christ together! #Enjoy! Be Kind Rewind, Vol. 1 by Messa Montana

For the independents out there, appreciate the feedback, you really need to hear it, if you doing something right, your audience will let you know, then show appreciation. We need you. Everyone’s comment is valid so if you havnt’t had a moment to share your thoughts with us yet, please do. We try to respond to every message and engage. Oh and prayers are very VERY welcome.

Aiight Im Out