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We discuss Trackstarz interview with Lecrae and the decisions he has made in the past. The struggle against fame and recognition. At times CHH requires total transparency from artists into the core recesses of their lives, which at times may not be required or warranted, however, the demand remains for absolute transparency on social media as we discuss Datin, J Givens.

Can the constant battle in CHH eventually sour and dampen the mood and desire for growth in CHH?

Are people abusing the power of social media?

Will we ever find a resolution to Christian Rapper and Rapper who is a Christian. Being a very young genre in comparison to others.

CHH Artist at times can treat it too serious and not serious enough!

– Calvin Venus

Do people see CHH as a vehicle or a culture?

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#UKCHH Podcast EP12 - CHH Crowd Pullers, Record Levels VIP Pass & S.O.

Who has that grip on the #UKCHH scene? Who could bring out droves of people to their paying shows? This happens to be a very pressing issue for the future of this scene, as without the capital to produce these shows and the customers to attend the growth will be laboured and tiresome. Reach records artist seem to have found a way to get their shows heard in the UK. So the questions really are: how do we build?

We talk about S.O. new track ‘Be Mine’ discuss the versatility of the rapper in contrast from ‘The Fall’ to ‘Be Mine’ shows how he is developing his craft.

Would you pay VIP tickets on a CHH artist? Have you paid for VIP tickets what was your experience?

We discuss Music Labels and their importance to the industry.

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