Sing It Loud with Chans and THE Band!

Since the release of Chans’ debut single “Inductive Reasoning” the response has been beyond all our expectations, we are incredibly grateful. How we managed to acquire fans as far out as in Australia is both exciting and intriguing? All this success makes me very excited to tell you what i’m about to announce in this blog. If you are a first time viewer of our blogs, hello, welcome, join us as we hope to document our journey into creator inspired creativity to the community.


Chans Thomas Live @ Wire Road with Live Out Loud Band


Allow me to savor this moment a few seconds longer because this is pretty huge for the team at ToneCrafters, Live Out Loud Band and of course the awesome Chans Thomas! Ive been itching to write this blog for awhile now and here it is...finally!

Drum roll please…

Here we go…

Live Out Loud Band @ Wire Road Studios

Live Out Loud Band @ Wire Road Studios


Today, I get the privilege to present, not just one, but two cool offerings to our music fans around the world. Today is the eve of Chans Thomas’s debut EP launch, “The Cultured Christ will be available on all platforms at midnight tonight (US)!

Are you ready?

“The Cultured Christ” TOMORROW FEB 28th 2019


A live performance with THE incredible Live Out Loud Band.

More about “The Cultured Christ”

If Christ walked the earth today, what would he sound like? Chans Thomas answers that question from her own unique musical perspective with the release of her debut EP featuring Live Out Loud band. Pulling from influences of jazz, neo soul and gospel, she creates her own lane for Christian music with catchy introspective songs like “Inductive Reasoning” and bold declarations of the gospel like “Romans Road”. All in all, the songstress and six piece ensemble come together to illustrate an uncompromising Savior with a sound that is refined, enlightened, artistically and intellectually aware; “The Cultured Christ”.


We sincerely hope “The Cultured Christ” edifies. We thank you in advance for all the likes, shares, comments, retweets, forwards and of course for your time to listen and enjoy.

Aiight, im out