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We are a creative collective of artists, producers, musicians with a very simple aim, to honor God through our calling by any means necessary.  As much as we love the feedback for our current works, we have a hunger and desire to give you our very best reflecting the undeserved grace that God has drenched us in.  We encourage you to join us in this journey as we provide the soundtrack to our lives.  So it may appear crazy that we about to release yet another EP, but allow me to explain why.  

@Speez - New EP Loyalty to Royalty - Releases March 1st

@Speez - New EP Loyalty to Royalty - Releases March 1st


Let’s be frank, life as a Christian is straight up peculiar to those outside of the faith, the things that scripture explicitly reveals to us in contrary to the world’s ways.  As creatives each musical song was uncharted territory, some of our songs where a journey that embarks the quest for answers. There are songs that were cultivated through struggle or pain. Then there are songs that are often described as statements faith, but, I like to view them as roots of a tree that one can stand on…or, help you to pull yourself out of quicksand.  Whatever the mood, wherever you are spiritually, I hope we edify.

You may think we are crazy, hey,  I think we are crazy…three EPs in the first three months of the year is pretty rapid. However, we have so many songs to share with you this year, it only feels right to illustrate our intention, deliver them hot and earn your trust, after all we are listener funded.

Chans Thomas Debut EP "The Cultured Christ"

Chans Thomas Debut EP "The Cultured Christ"

Messa Montana Debut EP “Be Kind, Rewind Vol. 1”

Messa Montana Debut EP “Be Kind, Rewind Vol. 1”

So here is where we are now.

Messa Montana - Be Kind, Rewind Vol. 1


Chans Thomas - The Cultured Christ


Speez - Loyalty to Royalty Vol. 1



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Im ever grateful for you reading thus far. Thank you in advance for the comments, shares, likes etc etc.  Im always blown away that people even take the time to read anymore, let alone sharing content within your network.

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