More Chans Of Neo Soul

From singing at a Stellar Gospel Award event at age 14 to finally releasing her debut EP on ToneCrafters, the arduous journey for Chans Thomas proves her faith through years of patience, persistence, and prayer it is all comes to an end.  Her first project is called ”The Cultured Christ”, featuring the incredible Live Out Loud Band, and is almost upon us, at last!


I think it’s well worth the wait since a craft like this takes time, however, Chans WILL completely disagree with me here, lol!  Trust me, I get it, she has an abundance of creative ideas and that is her burden...and what a cross to bear.  Artists like her are called to create and are often burdened with glorious purpose. To referee between logic and emotion, discern between sanity and vanity, meanwhile accrediting God for the reason and hope as the quality of their artistry permeates.


I can wax lyrical about Chans all allow me to save that for another blog, perhaps...

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So what can you expect from the debut?

A live studio recording of Houston’s most sort after music collective with, a rich concoction of jazz-infused neo soul, sprinkle in a little gospel licks and RnB grooves and add a large dosage of Mrs Thomas’s lush and calorie boosting vocals that ought to draw you into the introspective world, that is Chans Thomas.  Now, I’m not a fan of comparisons so I would love to invite you into a little social experiment... right now... 

 ...Question 1:  What words would you use to describe her first installment on the EP? (Answer in the comments below).

track 1. Intro


Enjoy that?

So what words would you use, please comment below.  (It actually helps with the marketing department at TC...ahem me*).

I hope you don’t feel it’s overkill if I get you to watch her first ever single here at TC...because it was a monster (creatively speaking)...

 ...Question 2:  Are there any more words you would use to describe her music? (Answer in the comments below).

track 2. Inductive Reasoning


So there you have it.  Consider it an introduction to her EP “Cultured Christ”. 

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If you love what you hear, check out the signal “Inductive Reasoning” right now, here…

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