Chans Responds to Social Injustice With "Let Me Find Thee"

Let Me Find Thee | Indelible Grace Music [Chans Thomas Cover]

Chans Thomas was asked to respond to themed creative liturgy night in Houston for GoBU recently. The theme was Social Injustice and Chans had chosen to sing a song in response to the subject “Broken vs Bitterness”. Ultimately, social injustice is another manifestation of sin, so the only adequate response for our brokenness is to stand before a holy God in view of what gospel promises.


That’s when she found, “Let Me Find Thee” by Indelible Grace Music featuring Matthew Smith.

In this video I believe she delivers a soulful rendition encapsulating our longings for what believers to seek in Christ above all else. The song best fits her stance on the issue, to endure with the hope that soon we’ll be free from it all.

I hope you Enjoy


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