Speez Declares Loyalty to Royalty in Vol.1

Oh Yes, another ToneCrafters release to be announced this week, and why not?  Regular subscribers to this blog know we love music, you love music and we got so much music to come out this year. So let’s get started. Ladies and gentlemen…Speez.


So here it is, third EP from the label and today’s spotlight is on Speez.  Seasoned rapper from Virginia Beach who combines unwavering thought provoking biblical truths with inspiring life application that would appeal to all of student age through to those who have grown up with 90s hip hop and RnB.  The only producer with a gold disk on the label who artfully weaves trap beats, boom-bap grooves and soulful attention grabbing sounds.


Now for the part that Speez won’t wanna hear…but im gonna do. As I mixed and mastered the EP I couldn’t help but think of all the music artists Speez  reminds me of. I wouldn’t consider this a soundslike comparisons, however, im a fan and this was fun for me. 

Now, if you love Hip Hop particularly in the 90s then you may appreciate the playful vibes of Kamaal The Abstract aka Qtip and in the early 00s, we had the nerd-rap flows by Lupe Fiasco.  Now with a sprinkle of Christian rap artist flows from Swoope and NoBigDyl then I may have described is what you could expect from Speez’s debut on Loyalty to Royalty. …but with much more in store. We believe this album isn’t just for the hip hop heads, the avid followers of Rapzila may find Speez ambidextrous switching flows effortlessly between boom bap grooves and trap beats.

Here it is, the new release from Speez on the ToneCrafters label. Available in all streaming platforms. https://www.tonecrafters.com/speez

Speez dropped a sneak release in January called Catacombs “Straight out of the catacombs, God has got me in the battle zone, told me we not alone”…yeah, those who loved that…more is definetly on its way, subscribe below and watch this space.  Music like this is for those who are realistic about life struggles, not matter what you going through Speez has the beats to get you in the zone, the verse to relate to you and the hook to turn the dope soundtrack into an anthem.  

Speez tells us that how he came by the title 'Loyalty to Royalty'…

It came to mind as I was going through a lot of turbulence in my life internally. Externally I read reports of lot of Christian artists turning away from CHH because they felt their talents weren't being respected, lack of money in the genre, or not enough support from fans and peers. The title for me is a declaration before God that I will remain loyal to Him and his Kingdom regardless of what accolades and awards that may or may not come my way.

- Speez

His desire for this project is for listeners to be encouraged and inspired to keep the faith and remain loyal to the King of Kings. We are all Kings and Queens in God's Royal family. May we remain faithful to his royal call to preach His gospel.

Music video comes out next week…are you ready? Feel free to comment and/or share, we thank you in advance.

Aiight, im out